Where the Two Worlds Touch

A Sequel

We move into the Mythic Journey without a compass, and until we are able to let go of being ruled by the ego, we keep trying to bring structure and logic to what is often a yearning for freedom and challenge, risk, and truth. The Mythic Journey gives us back to ourselves. It celebrates the mysteries of life and a relationship with the witness who has always been a part of who we are and who gives meaning to our lives. Think of the following pages as a Mythic Story that is but one of the billions of stories lived on our beautiful planet. Imagine your story, and wonder what myth it is creating. Be in the wonder of the child within you and discover the adventure that you are on.

From the Introduction:

I have always been curious about others’ lives and writing memoir calls me to be curious about my own. I wondered how I would know who I am unless I journeyed within and became aware of who and what I saw. Writing has helped me to be intimate with myself, and sharing what I find helps me to be authentic, humble, and full of wonder.

This sequel is not about the archetypes of the Maiden and Mother as it was in my first book, Don’t Go Back to Sleep. In this book I am using the voice of the Crone, or Wise Woman, to tell my story. I am the Storyteller of the sacred moments I have experience when I’ve crossed the threshold from the mundane world to the Otherworld.

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Readers Talking About Where the Two Worlds Touch

"This is a beautiful story of Lisa’s journey of spiritual awakening and her increasing awareness of the importance of integrating the energy of the Sacred Feminine for healing and restoring balance individually and collectively."

- Heather Ensworth, PhD. Founder of Rising Moon Healing Center and Author of Finding our Center. Wisdom from the Stars and Planets in Times of Change.

"In her sequel, “Where the Two World’s Touch,” Lisa Barstow shares her mystical journey of oneness. Her powerful words of transformation encourage humanity to reawaken to the truth of who we really are. Her wisdom offers each of us to tap into our deepest truths."

- Melissa Boyd, International Spiritual Medium