Author of Don't Go Back to Sleep - Memoir on life, love, death and spiritual rebirth

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Don't Go Back to Sleep                                   
A Spiritual Memoir by Lisa Barstow                     

From the Foreword

Last year I found a photograph of my great-grandmother as a young woman.  I had never seen her before.  Staring at her face, I tried to find some familial likeness, but mostly, I wondered who she was and what she believed in.  I knew then that I was writing this memoir for my grandchildren and for the generations that will come after them.  I want to leave them a legacy, the story of an ancestor whose blood is mingled with theirs. There is a saying in Hawaii that I love: "We are the descendants of our ancestors, and the ancestors of our descendants." Sharing my heart with the past and future generations of my family is an honor. God bless them all.

Praise for the Book 

"We think we've seen the inner workings of rich WASP families during the middle of the 20th century - O'Hara and Cheever come to mind - but we haven't quite seen it all.  In Lisa Barstow's strangely affecting memoir, Don’t Go Back to Sleep, we get the details as she actually lived that life and then fought against it."
                             ~ANITA SHREVE 
                             Best selling author of The Weight of Water 
                             Her most recent  book is Testimony

"In her memoir, Don’t Go Back to Sleep, Lisa Barstow has given us a story that spans the heady heights of a life of wealth and privilege and the despairing depths of disease and early deaths that lay behind the glittering façade.  A courageous search for truth and healing amidst the ruins reveals the true beating heart of love which gives this story its meaning."

                            ~PATRICIA REIS
                            Author of The Dreaming Way: Dreams and Art for Remembering and Recovery and 
                            Daughters of Saturn: From Father’s Daughter to Creative Woman




Poems from the Heart: A 26 page collection of 17 intimate poems by author Lisa Barstow, selected from her work over the past decade. "Writing poetry has often been self-revealing, as indeed all my writing is. I find when I'm able to reach deep within myself and express those innermost feelings on the page, I can best connect with my heart and, deeper yet, my soul."

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